Nanomaterials Research Lab


  • CNI welcomes students for our summer program 2019!
       Pictured here with Ph.D. candidate Wren Gregory, from left: Wren Gregory, Amariya Ayee, Logan Dunn, Zachary Watson, Z'Nayia Monet Johnson, and Patricio Ortiz.

  • Dr. Rao has been named a fellow of the National Academy of Inventors, congratulations! (Dec 11,2018)  Link

  • New impact factors are available for year 2011. Our lab stats are:
     Total number of papers in 2011: 18
     Average impact factor: 3.96
     Number of papers in IF>5 journals: 7
     Highest impact factor journal: ACS Nano (10.7)                                              
  • We welcome Nawraj Sapkota as a new student in the Physics department and in our lab! (Aug 2018)
  • Anthony Childress has been awarded the Proquest Distinguished dissertation award for mathematics, science, and engineering by Clemson University. Congrats! (Jun 20 2018)
  • Dr. Rao is a featured speaker at TEDxGreenville! The talk was on the topic of defects in nanomaterials. (May 2018)

  • Congratulations to Jingyi Zhu on receiving Outstanding graduate research student award from Physics department for 2015.
  • SC Governor's Award for Excellence in Scientific Research  was awarded on May 1st ,2014.

  • Our paper on 'Preferential scattering in 2D-Bi2Te3 for enhanced thermoelectric performance' is accepted for publication in Scientific Reports!
  • 'glimpse' (Clemson Research Magazine) has extensively covered the research in Nanomaterials Research Lab. Read the article here

  • Our Paper on 'Graphene as a substrate for amplification of surface-plasmon coupling'  is published in J. Phys. Chem. C!


  • Our Paper on 'Origin of Photoluminescence in Graphene Quantum Dots'  is published in Advanced Functional Materials! and is on the cover!!

  • Particle and Particle systems characterization journal published our research on the cover.


  • Our paper (in collaboration with Yale University) titled 'Synthesis and Raman Spectroscopy of Multiphasic Nanostructured Bi-Te Networks with Tailored Composition' has been accepted by J. Phys. Chem. C

  • Our paper (in collaboration with Prof. Jared M Brown at ECU) titled 'Intravenously Delivered Graphene Nanosheets and Multi-walled Carbon Nanotubes 
  • Induce Site-specific Th2 Inflammatory Responses via the IL-33/ST2 Axis' has been accepted by International Journal of Nanomedicine. 

  • Our paper on 'Evidence for edge state induced photoluminescence of graphene quantum dots' has been accepted by Advanced Functional Materials. 

  • Congratulations to Pooja Puneet on receiving Outstanding graduate research student award from Physics department for 2013.

  • Our paper titled, "Effects of surface properties on the formation of nanoparticle-protein corona" has been accepted by Appl. Phys. Lett. 

  • Our paper "Graphene coatings for Biomedical Implants' is now accepted by RSC Advances

  • Our paper Thione–gold nanoparticles interactions: Vroman-like effect, self-assembly and sensing is featured on the cover page pf Journal of Materials Chemistry C. 
  • Rachel Andorfer joins our group; Welcome

  • Our ACS Nano paper titled 'Raman Spectroscopy of Folded and Scrolled Graphene' was featured amongst the top 10 most downloaded articles by ACS Nano 

  • Congratulations to our group for the $1.2 M Scalable Nano Manufacturing award from NSF. 

  • Our paper on 'Spectroscopic investigation of N-doped bilayer graphene' is now accepted by Applied Physics Letters.

  • Our paper on Electrical detection of ZnO mechanical resonance is now accepted by Phys. Rev. B. 

  • Congratulation to Deepika Saini for winning APS-IUSTFF fellowship for performing research at Dr. Raychaudri's lab at S. N. Bose National Center for Basic Sciences, India.

  • Dr. Ramakrishna Podila presented an invited talk titled 'Nano-bio interactions: A spectroscopic perspective' at NIST, Gaithersburg, MD

  • Anthony Childress joins our group; Welcome

  • Congratulation to Ismail Bilgin on successfully defending his Masters! 

  • Our recent ACS Nano paper was highlighted by graphene times

  • New impact factors are released for year 2011. Our lab stats are below,
Total number of papers in 2011: 18
Average impact factor:3.96
Number of papers in IF>5 journals:7
Highest impact factor journal: ACS NANO (10.7)

  • Our Paper on 'Raman Spectroscopy of Folded and Scrolled Graphene' is accepted for publication in ACS Nano

  • Congratulations to Girish Sharma on obtaining acceptance to Clemson

  • Our review article on 'REEXAMINATION OF INFRARED SPECTRA OF Bi NANORODS: L–T TRANSITION OR EXTRINSIC PHASES ' is on the cover of NANO: Brief Reviews and Reports

  • Congratulations to Deepika for winning the Sigma Xi and Professional Enrichment Grant

  • Our joint paper with ECU titled “A Novel Carbon Nanotube Toxicity Paradigm Driven by Mast Cells and IL-33/ST2 Axis”, has been accepted by Small

  • Congratulations to Doyl Dickel and Damien Howard on their graduation 

  • Our lab alumnus Dr. Rahul Rao's paper was accepted by Nature Materials. Congratulations! (