Nanomaterials Research Lab



Chemical Vapor Deposition

  Laser Assited Nanoparticle synthesis

Hot press for calendering electrode materials

FTIR spectrometer. Microscope coupled FTIR and 
FT Raman using 1064 nm excitation. Capable of capturing Stokes 
and Anti-stokes excitations.

Non-linear optical properties

Laser couples microscope for fluorescence imaging

UV/Vis absorbance

Microscope coupled Raman spectrometer
Available excitation wavelengths: 485, 514, 532, 785 nm

Photoluminescence with CCD and InGaAs detectors

TENG testing station

Electronic characterization with 4-probe station and 
dark field microscope.

Electrochemical testing station. Includes battery tester for charge/discharge 
cycling and Gamry Reference 3000 poentiostat 
for an array of measurement capabilities.

Linseis system for measuring thermoelectric properties of materials.

Tools invented at Clemson

Harmonic detection of resonance

Fiber Puller

Fiber Twister